What We Do

We are a high end visualization lab based in Bratislava, Slovakia with more than 6 years’ experience in the CGI field. We offer services in 3D modelling, product visualization, architectural visualization, VR and animation with focus on photorealistic output. We are able to cover all phases of CGI creation from initial drafts to high detailed 3D modelled environment, lighting, texturing and postproduction. We are ready to accept whatever challenge you throw at us so do not hesitate and get in touch if you need to transform your ideas into eye-catching imagery.



During the last year of his civil engineering and architecture bachelor studies he got in touch with 3ds Max and what in the beginning looked like a step into the unknown has later proved to be the best decision of his life. For the first few years he has been working as a freelancer on many local and international projects and eventually it became unbearable to do all the work alone so he gathered a small team of enthusiasts to help him chase the photorealism and breathe life into still images and animations. His hobbies are 3D and new technology, computer hardware, all kinds of sports to balance the back pain caused by sitting in front of a computer all day, but mainly cycling and football. He is also a father of four kids


Passion for drawing hyperrealistic portraits led to an unexpected result – to study civil engineering and architecture. This way he ended up in the CGI field and he could finally implement his perfectionism into something different but also similar to drawings. On the other hand, he loves to observe surroundings in the form of travelling, really enjoys spending some hours in the gym and likes to play party games. His strong advantages are a sense of details, knowledge of sci-fi movies and huge support from his big family. Ľubo is a quick learner which is an invaluable attribute in the CGI field.  


Peťo is a civil engineer and our CG artist. In 2017 he acquired a Master’s Degree in Engineering from the Slovak University of Technology in the field of Architecture and Building Constructions. While studying he became attracted to rendering and 3D modelling to which he then dedicated his entire free time. He was fascinated by the possibility to communicate his architectural ideas through computer images. He is a skilled matte painter and 3D modeller.


Our youngest member is Denis, who graduated in 2020 from the Slovak University of Technology in the field of Architecture and Building constructions. After graduation he lived in Prague for a year and worked as an architect, but his passion for creating photorealistic visualizations led him closer to the field of CGI. His imagination, attention to detail and architectural thinking contributed to the quick learning of 3D techniques, mostly modeling. Denis is also a representantive of Slovak republic in baseball. He really loves sport activities, but also enjoys time spent with his closest ones or with his dog, Mia.


Jana graduated in architecture at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava in 2020.
Even during her studies, she was most interested in the interior design and contemporary architecture.
Simultaneously with the interior design, she began creating detailed photorealistic visualizations,
until she finally decided to devote herself to this field. That’s about the time she joined our studio.
Her greatest inspiration and form of relaxation is traveling to the northern part of Europe and she also likes to photograph the world around her.
She loves good food, music festivals and, last but not least, she likes to excersise with a good yoga practice.

Client Feedback

„I came across Subpixel through social media. I was so impressed with their portfolio that I had to recommend them for a project I was working on, and I’m so glad I did as Jan has been such a pleasure to work with. The skill and attention to detail in the creative is exceptional whilst also always being cooperative, friendly and helpful. I look forward to working on many more projects together!“
— Andrew Martin

„If you want to stand out on the market you have to offer something exceptional and that was our goal. Without perfect graphic processing we would not be able to make it. Cooperation with Subpixel was exactly what we needed to give our designs the right look. They have keen attention to detail and communication level is spot on.“
— Studio e

„We have been cooperating with Subpixel on multiple bedroom catalogues and they provided very high quality 3D models as well as visuals while maintaining strict deadlines.“
— We Tec

„I always love to cooperate with Subpixel. Their work is fast paced and precise. We don´t have to go into much detail as they have a good sense for interiors. Their visuals are everytime a step further. They can add the right assets to impress my clients.“
— Home by Zuzana

„Subpixel always understand our specific requirements and come out with outstanding results. Communication is very professional, smooth and always open minded for improvements – these are key elements we expect. Therefore, Subpixel is an inseparable part of our team!“
— Zeit architects

„Great cooperation, outstanding visual quality, we were always over satisfied with the output they provided“
— Performa architects

“We have found working with Subpixel to be a great experience, they work closely with designers to ensure realistic interior perspectives- an asset  to any professional interior design consultancy.”
— Lynne Hunt London

„Artists from Subpixel were very professional, friendly and responsive – they produced brilliant CGI images for many of our projects with clear details showing a very realistic image.“
— Falchi interiors

„You will definitely hear about Grau and Subpixel a lot! Professional approach, enthusiasm and very good results are their strong attributes.“
— Grau

„Besides fulfilling functional requirements on the spaces we design we need the final visual to have the right mood and that’s what they are able to do very well.“
— Triton Digital